Tower Unite Questions

  1. Will the default player model be improved upon? In videos I’ve seen the model looks a little oily. (My opinion)

  2. Will the mini golf friction be changed anymore?

  3. Will the game play feel almost like Garry’s mod or will it feel completely different? for example, the speed your character walks, the way he/she walks, ballrace ball gliding friction, etc.

  4. Will the iMac and other items be more interactive than they were in GMT?

The devs are still working on it, but have stated in the past that they are kind of happy with how it is.

Probably not, considering it’s a completely different engine. I know some features have been made explicitly to feel like Garry’s Mod, but it will never 100% do that.

It’s safe to assume the iMac won’t be returning, at least not in it’s current form.

iMac should be renamed to “uniteOS” :smiley:

remember that TU is still in very early alpha so not everything is going to be the same

  1. Yes the default model will be reworked. We are currently rigging and animating final ones. I also need to change the skin materials quite a bit.

  2. We just recently finalized the friction in our latest build. It’ll be out this Friday.

  3. We are definitely making the game feel like quake and source. We already have been doing that with the movement.

  4. We will definitely have way more interactive items.

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