Tower Unite pixelart! (tips included!)

I have created some neat pixelart in my condo! I just finished Sans a few minutes ago.

Here are some tips to get started on your own pixelart!

Tip #1: Buy craploads of closed cardboard boxes at Rob’s Imports. Seriously. You’ll need a lot.

Tip #2: Build from a flat surface. I made a small mistake with my Link pixelart by wanting to build near the sand. I had to build it from the wall on the right to get it aligned straight.

Tip #3: Use a grid size of 3. It’s one of the only sizes that doesn’t make the boxes sink into the ground, and it’s the only grid size that joins them together nicely without them overlapping into each other.

Tip #4: Build from the ground up. DO NOT build from the side!! Or else you’ll end up with something like this:

It’s not a fun time.

Tip #5: If you want to keep your sanity in check, use 8-bit art only! If you have enough time, units, sanity, and patience to spare. Then by all means, go higher than 8-bit.

Tip #6: Build and paint the pixelart one line at a time! Trust me, this will help you immensely in the long run.

Have fun!

Feel free to share your pixelart too!




Really amazed at what people build in these condos.


I decided to give it a shot with something simple to start. It was fairly fun at first but then got more annoying as time went on. Nothing as great as you have done though.


Here is 2 I made