Tower Unite PIXEL Graphics mode!

A lot of you may know this option but nevermind

1.Go to options and put screen resolution at 640x480
2.Disable VSYNC,High Quality Shaders and Dynamic lights
3.Put Resolution scale : SuperPixel mode=1 | Medium Pixel mode=25-35
4.Put all advance settings low
5.Disable anti-analysing
6. Enjoy your pixelated TU


Turn anti-aliasing off for that real pixel feel.

I forgot to type it lol

Ah, this is why its caleld PIXELtail Games


Tower unite
GBA Edition!

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I have to usually run the game like this to get it to run without frame drops, help me.

Edit: Actually I might need to clarify that it looks a lot better than this, but still no where near as beautiful as turbo.

Tower Unite
German Censored Edition


i honestly dont see anything wrong here


Tower Unite MS DOS edition!