Tower unite piano

Will you guys add a feature if you plug in a midi keyboard you can use a 88 key piano ingame?

The old piano was really complicated to play, I hope this is implemented

agreed. The midi compatibility is being implemented but im not sure if they will put in 88 keys instead of the old 66 i think

What songs are you playing that you need to employ 88 keys?

A lot of songs use more than 66 so if your going to put 76 keys you might as well put 88

What I hope is, with all these keys, there’ll be a MIDI program to directly play the songs on the piano - a.k.a. a MIDI Piano bot.

Yeah, I don’t really have a physical midi piano lol.

Well if they are adding midi keyboard support they might as well let us use 88 keys ;-; that our midi keyboard has


The only minus is that we will probably be usually listening to someone playing Black MIDIs on their piano, And I mean not just any B-MIDI…

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Well actually if we can play midis it probably will have a note limit of course and plus the note art on those songs would actually play sound so it wouldnt sound like darude sandstorm at all

And some black midis can break keyboards so i highly doubt you can play black midis on Tower unite piano :wink: especially when the auto piano program now cant play black midis correctly here is a example of why we need a 88 key piano| All of the question marks are notes that you cant play on gmt piano
[I9yp] [QO] [ep] [O0ua] [Wp] [ra] [Oqid]
[WS] [ra] [QTIep]
[?$GC] [QHV] $ [jb] $ [Qkn]
[?2pfj] H 9 [Qej] [29fk] [9fj] [Qe] [afj]
[?3] [fH] 0 [Wrfj] [30fk] [0fj] [Wr] [fjL]
[?$] * [Qefjz] [fj?$L] [fk] [Qe] [afj]
] * [0e] [!*] [afj] * [0eH]
[29pdG] [29] [pd] [29] [29pf] [29pdG] [269]
[fj] [fH] G 2 [2fH] 2 [2pfj]
[?6] [0e] [6p] [upS] [6d] [0ef] [pf]
[?6] [0ed] [6S] [6p] [0e] [Oa]
[30] [Wr] [0uO] p [0a] [rWS] [Od]
[30] [rWS] [O0a] [0O] [Wr] [Ip]
[$Q] [Qe] * [Ip] * [epQG]
[!Oaf] [0ed] * S * [0ea]
[O29ua] [Qefx] [9S] [upS] 9 [eQGC] [fx]
[29] [dz] [Qe] [9SL] [9dz] [Qe]
[?7] [9Q] 7 [ey] [7ey] [Q9ey] y [eT]
] [W0r] [*e] [*r] [0W] [eu]
[$Q] [Qe] * [*y] [Qeu] [Yrp]
[(Q7r] T [(Q] [7r] 7 [(Q]
[?Q7ey] [9Q] 7 [eQT] 7 [9Q]
[?7r] [9Q] 7 e 7 [Q9e]
[q!*WT] [pj] [qWOH] * [pj] * [qWOH] y T
[!*Wqr] [OH] [qW] [*IG] [*ig] [qW]
[29] [pf] [9pf] [eI] [2pf] [9pf] [pf]
[!*pf] p [*p] [Wu] ! *
[?7] [pf] [pf] [7pf] [Qypf] [?pf] [7pf] [pf]
[?6pf] p [6p] [0T] [?a] [6pS]
? [$TS] [7yd] [$TS] [9yd] $ [7TS] [$Supf]
! % [IG] % [0OH] % [SGpj] %
2 6 [I9eyp] 6 Q 6 [I9eyp] 6
2 6 [I9eyp] 6 [Qak] 6 [9pj] 6
[g?!OSH] [?!] [?!] [?!Spgj] [?!] [??!Hagk]
[TS] [!
] [OH] [!
] [ak] [!*pj] [OH]
[?S2pfj] [OH] 9 [Qepj] [30ak] [0uf] [Wruf] [?$afk]
[pj] Q [eTOH] [$QSGpj] C * [Qe] *
[?SG2pj] [OH] 9 [Qepj] [30ak] [0pj] [Wrak] [j?$SGL]
j Q [eTH] [$Q] j [*H] [Qef] [*j]
[?S2pfj] [OH] 9 [Qepj] [30ak] [0uf] [Wr] [?$afk]
[pj] Q [eTOH] [$QSGpj] C * [Qe] *
[2j?SGL] [SL] 9 [eQSL] [30ak] [0pj] [rWOH] [p?$ISG]
G f Q [eTG] [$Qj] [*G] [Qef] [*G]
[?S2pfj] [OH] 9 [Qepj] [30ak] [0uf] [Wr] [?$afk]
[pj] Q [eTOH] [$QSGpj] [*Sj] [QSej] *
[?SG2pj] [OH] 9 [Qepj] [30ak] [0fx] [Wrdz] [j?$SGL]
j H Q [Tej] [$Qx] [*j] [eQH] [*j]
[2j?SGL] [SL] 9 [eQSL] [30ak] [0pj] [Wr] [Hagk]
[?4] [SL] q [Wrdz] [j$QSGL] Q [eT] [IG]
[jSGL] [SL] [SL] [Hafk] [pj] [OH] [pISG]
[$Q] e [$Qr] T [$Qy] u [$QI] p
[?SG2pj] 9 [eQOH] [30] [SGpj] 0 [rWOH] [?$]
[Spfj] Q [eTOH] [$Q] [IG] * [Qeuf] *
[?2uf] [IG] 9 [Qeuf] [30IG] 0 [Wruf] [p?$ISG]
[pISG] Q [eT] [$Q] [IG] * [eQOH] *
[?SG2pj] 9 [eQOH] [30] [SGpj] 0 [rWOH]
[?S4pgj] q [rWOH] [$Q] [pj] Q [THeafk]
[2j?SGL] [SL] 9 [eQSL] [H30afk] [0pj] [rWOH] [p?$ISG]

Which song is that?