Tower unite on consoles (cause my pc is shit and i ain't spending £500 on a new one)

I bought tower unite on steam and was hoping my computer would run it perfectly but sadly my computer refuses to run unreal engine 4 games correctly so i was a little upset about this but looking at how the game looks i thought that the game could also be released as an indie game on consoles. i did have the wii u and xbox one in mind but this could be a great addition to the consoles and would reach out to a wider audience and also to people who can’t get a better pc.

what does everybody think would this be a good idea for pixeltail games to do in the near/distant future

Tower Unite relies heavily on the Steam API, this isn’t a thing on consoles and would therefore take massive amounts of effort to port to the consoles.


As danalite said it would be too big of an undertakement and I don’t see what would happen to the social aspect since I don’t think a lot of people have a mic and typing on a controller just isn’t ideal.

I suspect the game might not run as well on consoles too, especially the Wii U, and updates are a lot harder to push (which is why Valve doesn’t update TF2 on consoles).

TF2 wasn’t updated because of engine limits, it was because Microsoft wouldn’t allow Valve to push free content updates. This is why the free L4D2 DLCs on Steam costs money on Xbox. I think Microsoft used to charge developers for pushing updates back in 2007 as well.

That’s what I meant by updates being harder to push on the Xbox, I believe it also had a waiting period before the update went live too.