Tower Unite mobile?

So I was looking through the tu content file and found a file called MobileResources its located at

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower Unite\Engine\Content\MobileResources

But the game is to big for a moble device.

Tell me what you think.

I thought maybe we could port the game over to our mobile devices such as iphone android ipad etc.

nah mate

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That would be pretty unrealistic, and I can’t see how the game would work with touch screen controls.

most ue4 games can be put on mobile devices but i dont think tu will be able to

They use the Steam backend for saving condos and connecting to servers so it can only run on Pc. Ue4 has various plugins that add functionalities like that but they are not used by TU.

It might have to do with UE4’s ability to be put on mobile devices, as you said. Maybe the directory is there just because the engine allows for it, but it’s not being used. That’s my guess.

Yes the mobile plugins are not activated.

I think most UE4 projects come pre-loaded with mobile resources, prehaps they forgot to disable the mobile plugin when making the project.

It’s not enabled by default.

Well even when disabling the mobile settings it still lets you test it in a mobile environment which adds touch controls so that is probably what it is

Would be cool to have a mobile companion app for TU