Tower Unite: Indiegogo Tracker (Chrome Extension)

What is this?

An Indiegogo tracker (that automatically updates) for your chrome browser. Here’s a GIF:

How do I install this?

1. Go to your Chrome history.
2. Go to ‘Extensions’ and click ‘Load Unpacked Extension’
3. Select the folder found in the zip.
4. A Tower Unite icon will appear next to your URL bar. Click it every time you want to check on the progress of the campaign.

Is this safe?

Yes. Chrome makes sure nothing malicious can happen with extensions by adding in all sorts of shit to prevent anything bad.


Download the .zip here.


Make this work on Opera plz

even though i trust that it’s not malicious, i just dont need a tracker…

A bookmark requires only 1 click, and you get more from actually going to the page, so I’ll just keep my bookmark for now.

For people like me (and SirParadox), we just want to know what the number is at without having to leave our page or clutter our bookmark bar.

Thanks for the extension! Could have used this a bit earlier though.

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Very useful for me. Thanks!

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I actually really love this, because I never actually bothered to make a bookmark and imo the page took a little too long to load.

Now I don’t have to keep an indiegogo tab open all the time, thanks m8o

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Thanks bro! This little Indiegogo Tracker makes life the slightest bit easier.

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Someday after funding, I hope this sees a lot more functionality for the game.

The ability to check in on your ranked stats would be good, sort of like looking at your profile on the GMT website right now but for TU. Also the ability to launch the game from the extention would be amazing.

I know you can’t really do these right now, but when everyone’s dreams have come true, you shall orchestrate people’s addiction enthusiam

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Welcome! @Drachen @macdguy


Thanks man, this is super useful!

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Make sure to say that you have to enable developer mode to load the thing. (…You also spelled “unite” wrong in the folder)

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Thanks alot ^^

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Wow that’s really cool.

Bravo on the extension :smile:

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Hey @SirParadox did you make this? also good job finding / making this (if you did)

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@Oinkers Thanks! I hoped it would be.
@DerYoshed Oh yeah… I forgot about that lol. I’ll edit the post. Thanks :smile:
@Onyx Thank you :smiley:
@NuttyNinja Yeah, I did make this. I wasn’t that hard to be honest, but thank you anyway :blush:

:smiley: your welcome @SirParadox