Tower Unite in Ultra-Widescreen

So I went and played a game of virus today, and I recorded it.

But the software decided to record absolutely nothing but game sounds.

So this time I tried it again in the next game and it did the opposite, picture but no sounds.
I’ll put it here anyway, since it shows what the game does offscreen and some issues it has, and you can just imagine the sounds.

It’ll be fun.

Right off the bat, we see the UI is wonky, but that’s forgiveable and happens in a lot of games when you go ultrawide.
The second thing that you see is the sidescrolling text stops, and then stacks downward. Now we know why the text gets lower every time someone is infected or someone wins, because the old ones never go away.
Third thing is that once the game picks an infected, there’s a huge pause and you could end up just about anywhere when it’s done.

There’s probably more but I’m tired so I’m gonna leave this here and pretty it up sometime later.

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I’ll fix the messages. They’re becoming a problem.

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I have fixed the messages for ultra-widescreens. It will be available next nightly.

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