Tower Unite Historical Records [Help Needed]

Hey. I’m trying to get a general collection of some of the big random events that have occured around Tower Unite over the years and post them on the wiki as a historical records page. I need help! I need suggestions for more events to record, as well as people who may have screenshots or more information around these events. I’ll be collecting all the data, screenshots, etc and format them into actual articles on the wiki once done.

If you’d like to help out, have any information, etc, join the Discord server! It’s temporary (unless it becomes useful for recording future events) and will serve as the “investigative” spot to gather the information needed to make interesting records of TU’s history.

Here is the invite:
This is where the list of all the events of interest and collecton of verified info will be stored, so I suggest if you’re interested you join it.

Please note: I’m not looking for stuff like game updates or official game nights, etc. I’m looking for more unique, sometimes unintentional events such as the fishing rod massacre or the big SF1 jackpot.


I know that some people you might want to hit up, like @Plasma, who generally organizes some events and is usually there for lots of normal and “organic” events too. Plasma has been around since the very beginning, and generally takes lots of photos/videos of things people come together for. Basically the mom with the video camera that you don’t thank until you’re 25.

Another person would be @The_Lich, The man behind The Bone Zone and other miscellaneous mishaps in the plaza. It’s pretty common that commotion will organize around him when he’s on, and for that reason he most likely can recount crazy things that just sorta happen, or events or whatnot. Love that guy.

Another good way to find “events” or crazy shit happening around the plaza would be to search the forums! Usually after players come together, there’s lots of screenshots of that shindig floating around the forums. Might want to check out #community-showcase and #general for that stuff, with search terms like “party” or “crazy” or “bone zone”. You never know what’s buried in here!

Hope this has helped at least a little, and best of luck on the records!!