Tower Unite Forums App

I wish to reply to topics and such on my phone, but the Web browser isn’t always reliable so I suggest making a simple app to do all the features of the Website.

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There used to be a Discourse app (Discourse is the website software) on Android but they took it down. The dev stopped working on it and the app didn’t work anymore.

Using chrome for the forums right now via iPhone (on vacation). Once you learn how to navigate it works very well and has no problems with mis-clicks or lag whatsoever. Chrome app is very reliable for stuff like this btw, probably on any phone that has app support for it.

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Same here :slight_smile:

Using Flashfox - the only problem is when you start typing a post, due to the fact that the writing window is just too big.

It works great on Chrome Beta on my Galaxy S6.

@VladPootis Funfact: I actually uploaded this one from my phone on chrome

The forum works pretty well on my iPad straight through Safari. The thread reply text at the sides of posts are super crammed, but that’s the only problem.