Tower Unite for Mac?


I really really want to play Tower Unite, but it’s currently only available for Windows and I use a Mac. I tried to run it using emulation software, but it wouldn’t work. Will Tower Unite be available for Mac soon? Does anybody know any good emulation programs that I might not have tried.


Pretty certain TU is scheduled to be released on all three platforms on both Mac and Linux systems.

Edit: screenshot from IndieGogo page, sure it’s available elsewhere


But it’s currently not available for Mac, does anyone know when it will be released for Mac?


Please keep in mind, this can change at any time, but according to the Trello, the current plan is a Mac release sometime in September.


It could change but it’d be pretty awful as it was originally advertised with intent to release on these systems.

Windows is the predominant operating system, so other builds will most likely come months after (September as the Trello says).


I don’t think that was ever confirmed.


Tower Unite will be released on Linux and Mac. This has been confirmed on the Indiegogo.


I mean, it was. It’s very present on the IndieGogo page.


well, yeah, but it says nothing about it being available at launch.


It was never the plan. No one in this thread has said anything about it being on Launch.


yeah, I just realized I misread Drachen’s comment. Sorry about that.


I’d hope Mac gets Tower Unite. Game won’t make itself.


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This was answered above


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When I try to run it on emulation software, I get this error message.


Tower Unite will not run on Wine.


It’s available on Steam for MacOS, yet the package is incomplete, there’s no .app file or anything. So technically, it’s not available still.


We don’t display on our steam store that it is for Mac or Linux because in the case of Mac the game doesn’t exist on that platform, and in the case of Linux, while there is a playable version, it’s not up to our quality.

The reason the game will show up in Steam for Mac (if purchased on a Windows computer) is because we have a Mac depot for testing. However, as stated above, we don’t advertise that it’s ready for Mac.


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