Tower Unite file being flagged as a Trojan in AntiVirus/Malwarebytes

I’m getting repeated flags from my antivirus saying that it’s blocking connection to a website and that the connection to the website is being made by one of the tower unite files (specifically Tower-Win64-Shipping.exe).

Here’s the details of the block report.


Is this anything to be worried about or should I just whitelist the connection?

Tower Unite has no connection to this website, which indicates it’s from some sort of user-generated content, such as a canvas or media player.

If the website in question is not something you trust, then it would be appropriate to leave it blocked. It would also be advisable to avoid the condo from which this report is originating.

ah thanks for your response

how would i find out which condo it’s originating from? if that’s a thing i can do

Just so you know, Emuparadise is just a ROM site. It’s nothing to worry about.

i thought they got shut down though? that’s why i was still suspicious because of that whole thing a while back about nintendo stopping them from operating so i assumed this was like… a fake site or smth

Nah. Nintendo did Sue them but they managed to settle out of court. Only condition was that they stop hosting Nintendo ROMs. That was definitely a big loss but it’s still a great site. Plenty of awesome arcade ROMs