Tower Unite EXP Document (Help Needed)

Hey, So I’ve been curious about who has the most EXP in all the different types of activites. Such as Ballrace, Trivia, Casino and so on.

So I decided to gather that information myself, sorta. You see the issue is that some areas are particlarly hard to find high exp players in. Mainly Arcade, Fishing, Theatre, Halloween and Zombie Massacre.

So I have made a google document that has the highest exp individuals I could find. All I’m asking is if anyone could find me people who may have more EXP then the people on here. (It’s fine if you can’t)

Though PS. Some players in this particular things don’t count. (Mainly Umbre and mos)

The reason being that in mos’s cause they are known to be macroing bowling and other things alike in tower. (They also have like 200 alts)

Umbre’s cause is uhhhhhhhhhhh, a very unique case (MF somehow doubled his XP)

Here is the document if you wish to help out or see it. (Please Pixeltail make a XP leaderboard)