Tower Unite download size

I imagine this has been asked already but will the Tower Unite updates always be so large, or is it just something with the weekly/alpha versions? The latest weekly was a 2GB download and took an hour on my slow internet connection.

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If i got right, i believe that every updates, you need to “reinstall” the entire game for the update but i don’t know why it’s doing this. Maybe @macdguy could answers that? :wink:

The reason is because the game is packaged as one giant .pak file. So if one file changes, the entire archive (.pak) needs to be re-downloaded. I believe in the future they won’t package the game in this format, so the updates should be smaller.


That’s correct. We’ll be ditching the pak format.

At most, a lobby update will be like 650MB.


Ok, so today a TU update was downloaded onto my computer, and it said the size was 25MB, so does that mean it’s the end of using .pak? @macdguy

No, apparently the update was a manifest text file. The game will continue using the .pak format until (I believe) Early Access.

Thanks for the reply

There’s gonna be a few manifest updates as we’re adding all the item definitions and new items.