Tower Unite DLC idea

When the game is more developed you guys should do a REINCARNATION OF GMT Lobby 1 as a DLC and add many old things like the old beer barrel REINCARNATED AS A KEG and other things that was in GMT Lobby 1 i cannot remember anything else ironically but yeah the old items should be available in Lobby 2 and Lobby 1 both condos and suites save the interior work of both Lobbies say if i was just in Lobby 2 and your condo is furnished and i switched to the Lobby 1 empty until you furnish it with items you brought in from Lobby 2 but when you load in from Lobby 1 and 2 back and fourth your furniture will be saved into each Lobby you wont have too cause they are both different versions of Lobbies you only have to put your items where you want and when your done furnishing Lobby 1 you can go back to Lobby 2 and all your furniture will be in both Lobbies without BUYING EVERYTHING AGIN

ALL i have to say up next is that took FAR too long to make


If you mean the old beer barrel as in the old model, that can’t happen. As for the general concept of a beer keg, that’s most likely going to happen, just give it time.

And about the rest of everything, I get what you’re trying to say. Have a Lobby 1 and Lobby 2, and your inventory is persistent between lobbies, but what you do with them is saved for each condo. It may seem like a good idea in words, but I’m fairly sure they’ll be sticking with the new and shiny plaza.

^ This.

Now, I had trouble reading what you said, but I do get what your saying. However, if you want it exactly like the old lobby… You can’t have that. Those assets are from Valve and other companies - They can’t use those anymore.

No DLCs, there will be no paid DLCs. Just free DLCs (as updates)

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nah i ment to get this as clear as possible but what i meant was to remaster it to look like a keg

i want both lobbys but i just want it to have a cloud database that saves our items to the other lobby that will not have 2 be re purchased

what ever update dlc whatever you wanna call it

Yeah I figured that’s what you meant. You can probably look forward to it happening at some point in the future. I don’t know when it’ll happen, but people will want it.


Tower Unite will never have DLC.

Uh, I don’t think you understood what I meant. I meant that you can’t have it EXACTLY like the old lobby, nothing about the cloud database thing.

If you go way back in the discord sneak peek thread there is a image of a texture-less lobby 1.

Wait what where tell me

Stop posting three times in a row, just put it all in one post

Edit: I do not mean the different suggestions.

Then I’d like to know where do they plan to get revenue in the future. Only so many people will buy the game.
Though implementing paid DLC would be tricky in a game like this without fragmenting the playerbase.
I wouldn’t be against microtransactions, as long as the things are reasonably priced and also obtainable by playing the game.

Rocket League does a pretty good job with their DLC policy (although I am slowly starting to feel like they are gonna turn into Overkill with DLC). Maybe we should inspire ourselves from them?
Microtransactions are never happening anyway. It’s just gonna piss off many people since we swore by heart that TU will never have microtransactions, and that’s gonna be hard to change at this point.

Maybe just a thing where if you really want to you can exchange real money for ingame currency? (and maybe to balance it you can only do so about once a week or something?)

Won’t change the fact they advertised their game having no microtransactions.

That’s still a microtransaction, no matter how you put it. It’s not going to happen.

They have promised and garunteed no micro transactions or paid DLC of any sort.

Keep in mind that PixelTail Games is not just here to make Tower Unite. They are a company now and will be making other games. They’re here for the long run.