Tower Unite Development Stream Recap (May 4th, 2018)


I’ve been killing zombies for a new stream and it finally came today, so here’s a quick recap on what happened!
The stream begins at 1:31!

New Items (4:11)

  • There’s at least 50 new items, maybe 70!

Condo Polishing (9:21)

  • House’s basement has been slightly revamped and a new basement with 3 rooms is under it. Most of the doors have been replaced with sliding doors and the foliage has been killed and replanted. More surfaces are colorable too! (9:21)

  • Condo has a retractable roof! (12:49)

  • Both Condos have new wood textures, new sliding door models and new lighting!

Lobby One Community Condo (18:08)

  • The lobby (mostly) has textures!

  • There was a quick tour of most places in the lobby, including the outdoors, Game World ports, suites, and most of the main plaza!

Minigolf: Kingdom (22:57)

  • There was a quick tour but no gameplay since the map isn’t done yet.

Workshop (27:33)


  • test_app (30:10)

  • Rob was shown! (30:55)

  • A horrible issue with rigging was also shown. (32:34)

  • Jojo References were also featured. (33:29)

  • Here’s a Warcraft character we don’t own! (34:36)

  • Footage of the Pokemon whose rigging shouldn’t have worked: (35:37)

  • Spooky Scary Skeleton Warning! (37:16)

  • Big Smoke was also there, somewhere.

Zombie Massacre (41:59)

  • Gasoline was played for 3 rounds. (42:22)

  • Wow a Motel (47:46)

  • Compound was played for 3 rounds. (55:23)

  • While Zombie Massacre was played, you can see most character’s abilities, some weapons, and a few upgrades!

There was no QnA this stream because of the amount of things that had to be shown.

I hope this recap helped you know what happened today (as of May 4th, 2018)!

Weekly Dev Log for May 4th, 2018

wow a motel


wow a motel


wait did i get him to add wow a motel to the recap?




When do they plan to release the ZM Beta before releasing it in full for Update


I don’t think they ever talked about that.


I’m pretty sure the beta version is what’s being released in


I meant public beta prior to the update.