Tower Unite canvases allowing access to the default TU textures

Tower Unite contains a lot of great textures, but when it comes to customizing your condo’s with your own canvas blocks, sometimes it can be hard to combine the look of things. For example, building your own canvas walls can be difficult if you are trying to match with the textures that a default condo wall uses.

I think that for canvas walls (or just all canvases in general) it would be useful to be able to select from the textures that are available for default editable condo surfaces.

One option could just be an online database with all of the textures, allowing us to link to the game’s textures, but something built in would be preferable due to texture stretching and additional colour value editing.

Another example of it’s use is if you are trying to build upon condo surfaces without editability (say, the texture inside of the condo pool for example), it would be very useful to have access to those textures.

I was thinking about this when I made a house on smooth dirt a couple of months back. I couldn’t find any good textures to use! I was gonna write it down but it always slipped my mind lol.

Good suggestion