Tower Unite Blender Tools (1.0.0)

Download v1.0.0
The Tower Unite Blender Suite is a community-made add-on for Blender which streamlines the model creation process. Aimed at the latest version of Blender, it is easy to use and provides powerful features:

  • Tower Unite Export option - File > Export > Tower Unite (.dae)
    An easier export to COLLADA format with simplified options,
    Due to a lingering bug in Blender 2.8 and above, COLLADA exports do not include normal maps, but this method of exporting restores that functionality. It also automatically applies transforms to prevent the ‘spaghetti monster’ issue and slightly reduces file size by not exporting extra objects like lights and cameras.
  • Tower Unite Armature object - 3D Viewport > Add > Armature > Tower Unite Armature
    The armature can be inserted directly into your scene at the correct scale.
    This eliminates the issues (and effort) involved with importing the rig file into your scene, or vice versa. This method will also give you the option to use a symmetrical version of the rig with a straightened spine, and there is an additional option to automatically apply the Armature modifier to all meshes.

The best place to report any bugs would be directly to me on Discord: Spoom#0001
This add-on will be maintained and there are many powerful features planned for future releases.
If you find this add-on useful, please consider donating towards its development.

Download v1.0.0

  1. Download the add-on with the link above
  2. Open Blender (2.8 or above) and go to Edit > Preferences
  3. On the left, click to switch to the Add-ons tab
  4. At the top right corner, click Install… and choose the zip file you downloaded (
  5. Ensure the Community tab is highlighted and find Import-Export: Tower Unite Suite in the list
  6. Check the box to the left of it to enable the add-on