Tower Unite: Beta Date?

Anyone have any idea about when the beta is coming out?

We don’t have an exact date for a beta test yet, however a closed alpha date will be announced tomorrow.

Well as you know rich people (like me) are very smart so I’m pretty sure it will be late 2015 or very early 2016


How could I get access to the closed alpha? I’m willing to pay!

You’ll just have to hold onto your butt and see :sunglasses:

will the closed alpha be somewhere when the indigogo campaign is still active? because that would be best time to get the youtubers to play and make videos so we can get more people to donate

Closed alpha would be dope. Most likely a Indegogo thing.

That closed alpha really hypes me a lot

A closed Alpha for donor would be great too, not just for the indiegogo campaign!



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