Tower unite Ballrace Walkthrough (Midori)

Just a little walkthrough of Midori :smile:


W-W-What is this madness?! :fearful:

Out of curiosity, was this all in one go, or was it segmented? Either way, that is some ridiculously impressive work. Nice shortcuts!

Not gonna lie, after playing through this with a friend we thought this was impossible. That being said, ARE YOU GOD?! :dizzy_face:

Unless it’s not the Kayseth I know from LDT, I can actually quite understand why he was god in this. (Yes I meant to say “god”)
But still, damn, that’s impressive!

I was in awe watching this, I’ve never been able to complete Midori and you made it look so easy. Great job! :smile:

@Arkive86 well this was in segments, just to get the absoulut best result.

@Flowseidon76 haha :smile: well i thought that too in the beginning, now it just feels way too easy.

@Radek Yes i am Kayseth from LDT :smiley:

@JamesDaGames Thanks man :smile:

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Very impressive! This reminds me when I would be in Gmod Tower, joining Ballrace just to find shortcuts. Hmmm, will there be more shortcuts like this in the other Ballrace stages? I hope so. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, not bad.