Tower Unite Backer Email ( Question )

My emails that I send on the backer panel aren’t being replied anymore. I am somewhat confused as if I am doing something wrong? I am submitting my question in the question box and sending. And never get my question answered back to. Thanks!

Any help is much appreciated!

How long have you been waiting to have your questions answered? PixelTail staff are pretty busy with the game’s development as of late, so official responses can be a bit slow.

Honestly, you might aswell just make a thread on these forums asking your questions, chances are some of us can help you out.

PixelTail are very busy, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it took them a week or two to reply to your question. Also, if the question is a non personal one, then it is better to ask them on the forums as you may get a quicker response and like @Sapphire says, we can also help you out. :slight_smile: