Tower Unite Alpha

Hey I was just wondering if I could get the first vision of the alpha as I want to do a comparison video on the game now and when it was in alpha. I didnt back the game and I did buy the early accesses on steam.

What I am trying to say is can I get access to TowerUnite_IndieGogoAlpha0.0.2 ?

They are not giving access to it anymore, infact I don’t even know if they still have those versions.


its still there and you can still download it [OUTDATED] The Tower Unite Private Alpha Download

You’d need a serial key to activate your copy, I believe. I don’t think you can get one of those anymore.

The very first ballrace demo released with the kickstarter is still playable, and is actually still really addictingly fun. I boot it up every now and then.

Yeah the ballrace demo is still kind of fun

how about you do a video on that?