Tower Unite (Alpha) sound files?

I know this question is really loose, but where are the files for the music for the Alpha located? are the files accessible? All I want the music for is to listen to, the main menu music makes me relax. :sleeping:

But to answer you question, all the files are stored in one large .PAK file, which has ways of being opened but there aren’t many programs that do that. However, if you did back a certain amount, you will get the soundtrack when the game comes out.


Thanks for the info. :sunglasses:

Dongle’s quite the virtuoso. He just knows the right sounds to fit the right atmosphere. From Tower Unite’s calm menu music to introduce the player, or the bouncy, energetic sound from the TU trailer a while back to excite the community for a new project. Gotta love his stuff. :grin: :heart:

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