Tower Unite Alpha Feedback

Downloading it now, will update OP with my feedback later, anyone who has gotten in, what’s your first impression?

Midori makes my graphics card crash.

That does not bode well for me then. Bit worried now :fearful:

Right, so the Plaza looks cool, condos look awesome and alround it looks nice. Needs alot of optimization though, but this will come with time. From my first impression its really good! :+1:

We’ll sort out the crashing soon.

The volume in the main menu etc is loud af and doesn’t seem to save

I haven’t played much, but here’s what I have to say so far:

-My FoV setting does not save after I restart the game or change from the Lobby to the Condo (and vice-versa). Antialiasing Quality and Detail Mode also reset themselves, but seemingly only after restarting the whole game.

-Options to toggle some of the visual effects like bloom, reflections, and reflective textures would be welcome. I know some people like those effects, but I just find them distracting.

-The wood floor on the second floor of Sweet Suite looks gross, like there’s been some sort of horrible sewage-related accident there.

-I experienced lots of screen tearing. In-game V-sync options would be helpful. For now, the Nvidia Control Panel V-sync option seems to work.

As invader15 said there was a ton of screen tearing going on, it made the ball minigame almost impossible.

Also some issues when you enter the minigame at the plaza sometimes your mouse will dissapear which will cause some people to think they’ve frozen even though you can press y to get the mouse back but nonetheless should still be fixed

Played a bit more and can definitely see where Elevators etc could be made in higher end condos, linking to my other discussion :smile:

It’s annoying though to have to restart the server after jumping to the water in the Plaza. Can’t swim out of it :confounded:

You don’t have to restart. You can press ‘K’ to suicide and respawn.

That’s good to know actually, thanks!

I crash when I try to put a picture on the canvas, but other than that it’s stable.