Tower Unite Alpha Bug

I dunno how I did it, but i got on top of the skybox,

also, you can’t see it, but the top hat doesnt fit your head correctly, also you can place furniture in the lobby

Actually you being able to place furniture in the lobby is intentional

Woah, woah, why would that be intentional?

The devs could EASILY disable building in the plaza but they didn’t… why is that you may ask?
Because condos are LAAAMMME!!!


Sorry I took that as “You’re always going to be able to build in lobby, even when the game is out.”

Surely this can’t be the case?

Actually, almost none of the hats fit correctly haha. It seems my fedora has magical powers

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@serjunpe #MagicFedora

It’s an early alpha. They haven’t taken the time to disable certain features in specific areas of the game yet.
You won’t be able to place furniture in the Lobby. Besides fireworks probably.