Tower Unite Alpha 0.0.2 Bug Report

I want to report all bugs i have found so far. All in the game is set to TURBO.


  1. Looking down while running, jumping. The view is bugged you can look inside your body.
  2. When you fly with a Jeptack at the ceiling you can look through it.
  3. While Right Click in your Condo you can use Jetpack, when you now release rightclick you can run around with you jetpack on. The same happens when you crouch and use your Jetpack.


  1. When leaving CondoOS the Mouse is not responding until you click with the mouse.
  2. In the Dim-Room the upper step is black flashing.
  3. Theater Seat is flying in the air.
  4. Starting Firework outside the Condo will just be stopped at a invisible Wall.
  5. The Fire in the fireplace is burning into the floor.
  6. In the CondoOS some items have a Buy button outside of the window.


  1. Invisible Walls inside the Waterslides. You get stuck in them and can get ontop on them.
  2. Missing Texture on the stairs going downstairs to the Tower at the ToyStore and Songbird. You can look through the wall.
  3. The ceiling in Songbirds is flashing Black.
  4. Missing collision on the sign of PULSE Night Club.

I will update my list when i will find more!

Nice! Good job man! :slight_smile:

You just forgot the screen bug (on the shop) for condo: My list of bugs

Its our Job now to Report bugs. I will just try everything to find every Little Bug. With a COmmunity reporting Bugs we can make this game really good. At this Point we are part of development and the Devs Need us to Report everything we see in the Alpha.

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