Tower Express UPDATE


I know T.E is still being worked on but I think I made a pretty decent concept on how it could improve. My idea would be changing the Shop List for an Interactive Map with the name of the shops (I didn’t had the time to make a map so I looked for just a map with my dear old Google.
I think that it would be simplier to use and faster and for those who prefer looking for an item or shop they still would be able to.


Easier to use and probably more aesthetically pleasing. It’s got my vote.


It was my understanding that the current UI was just to test the functionality so I guess any attempt at decent UX is an improvement.

The map would make it easier for people already familiar with the map, I’d add a legend with a list of shops and they’re connected to the map shapes so it doesn’t matter which one you hover, the shape and the name of the shop in the legend get highlighted.


we should have this map ingame with a button…


I am working on an official map with fast travel, I’ve just been a little busy with Workshop, but the map is coming along.