Tower Anniversary 2022 Event Suggestions

A little late on these, but it is coming up soon.

So here’s the basic rundown of what could be done this year:


Plaza decorations should be expanded to include Catsack-shaped Balloons. Kalleira (or her sister, I believe there was concept art for her to host the event and offseason store) should be given a proper setup location similar to a fireworks stand.

Confetti-spewing machines and confetti decals could be scattered across the pavement to liven up areas away from the central fountain area. Catsack-shaped paper lanterns could be placed in random locations to accent darker corners.


This year could start a yearly tradition of introducing three coloured Party Hats that are initially exclusive to their year. Yearly colour selections could include: Red, Green, and Blue; Purple, Yellow, and Aqua; Black, White, and Gold; etc, etc, and etc.

Different shape Variants (Star, Square, Catsack, Dogbag, etc) could be added to the Balloon Condo item. The Heart Balloon is a separate (often forgotten about) item already and could be merged into the normal Balloon (similar to the old Vinyls becoming Canvas Vinyls) to condense every Balloon into one item.

Condo Items

  • Paper Catsack Lantern (Lighting) - A paper lantern in the shape of a Catsack.
  • Catsack Pinata (Toys) - A hanging Pinata that will explode upon receiving enough PVP damage. Canvas confetti and candy particles fall out; repairs after some time.
  • Catbag (Seat) - Catsack Beanbag
  • Festival Stall (Outdoors) - Stripped down version of the Fireworks Stall, recolourable striped fabric and interior area for players to stand in.
  • Confetti Cannon (FX) - Shoots a blast of Confetti either on demand (interact) or timer.
  • Confetti Machine (FX) - Similar to the Bubble Machine, emits a stream of floating confetti.

Accessories + Equipables
Two Toy/Weapons use Bubble projectiles, essentially they are a repelling force like the Firework Launcher. Unlike Fireworks, Bubbles are quieter, harmless, and able to affect other players (limited by their Social settings and possibly PVP).

  • Party Hat (Head) - A coloured Party Hat exclusive to this event, available in Red, Blue, and Green.
  • Clown Wig (Head) - A rainbow-dyed afro wig.
  • Silly Eyes (Glasses) - Glasses with springy, fake eyes attached.
  • Catsack Balloon (Equipable) - A new shape to add to your handheld Balloon bundles.
  • Bubble Hyper-Wand (Toys) - A wand shooting large quantities of weaker bubbles at a fast pace.
  • MegaBubble Wand (Toys) - Shoots one large, high-projectile bubble with stronger capabilities (1:1 Alternative to the Fireworks Launcher).

Yearly hats like this are something I sorta thought we’d be getting once we got Party Hat New Years 2020–but then we didn’t get one for 2021 or 2022. Not sure how willing they’d be to having a bunch of different reskinned hats build up over the years, but being able to show off your collection of different New Years and Anniversary hats seems fun. If/when we’re able to place wearables in our condos those could also be fun to display.

I’m amazed that this isn’t a thing yet, even just separate from Anniversary.

These paired with the Alien Eyes Hat sound like they’d be lookin’ real goofy, four wildly different, wiggly eyes.


If I could contribute:

You can also have some callbacks to GMT with items that are recreations of popular GMT items, like plushies that are in the shapes of those rabbit playermodels people liked, And maybe bring back that one Lifeless Vinyl as a limited-time prize.

You could also have:

  • A new commemorative plate/decorative item for people to get that marks the year, featuring an image of a significant update that past year (2016 being Launch, 2017 being LC’s Launch, 2018 being Workshop, 2019 being Lobby 3, 2020 being Arcade/Accelerate, 2021 being Upgrades, and This year being the new Condo Hub/Connectivity)

  • Further Anniversary-themed items from TU’s history, such as props from notable maps or hotly-requested items.

  • A Special “Party Boat” that has docked at the pier and sells Anniversary items, said boat occupant is Kalleria’s sister that sells unique Anniversary items

  • An “Anniversary Wowzella” that plays GMT/TU-specific sounds.

  • A Special “Museum world” that opens up for players to find that details the history and development of TU up to the present day, with some cheeky lore thrown in for shits and giggles. (Like saying that Mike had his vocal chords replaced with a Synthesizer after a terrible workshop related accident recording the update’s trailer)

  • Items that pay homage to popular Gmod/TU content creators and community members (If you could get permission it’d be boss if you could get a plushie of Kitty0706’s cartoon character made. I forget his name…)

Of course ultimately its up for the folks at the Pixeltail head office to decide, but I’d honestly like to see a focus on some of TU’s history, since there’s a lot to draw from there, and it would also help newer players understand the TU culture a lil better too.


I was thinking that after one or two events the Party hats would either be made more accessible or would cycle back in.

I held back from Meta references this time since the meta stuff was the ignored half of my suggestions last year. I would personally love some more GMT reference items.
I like the idea of a commemorative plate for each year’s accomplishments, but I think that’d work better for a New Years thing.

After some delays, I got around to making the sketches:


  • Paper Lanterns - I couldn’t decide between these two designs, so now I suggest Tall and Round lanterns. Canvas support for their face-print would be great.
  • Festival Stall - Wooden body with colourful canvas, the stripes are recolourable. On one side (or both if that’s easier) there’s a small door leading the interior. A shelf lines the back, allowing this stall to be multipurpose (vendor, carnival game, tropical bar).
  • Bubble Gun MKII - It’s redundant to have two similar Bubble-themed weapons, so I combined them into a pimped-out successor to the Bubble Gun. LMB (Primary Fire) is the SMG, RMB (Secondary Fire) is the RPG.
  • Catsack Pinata - When the Pinata explodes, the bottom-half flies off, and the contents spill out. The contents would just be some particle Candies and (canvas?) confetti. The head will remain behind until a Player interacts with it: resetting it for a new beating.