Toon shader needs some adjustment

I love toon shaders and I think it can help a lot of models based on 2D drawings look significantly better, but it needs some adjustments.

  1. The models with toon shaders are too reflective.

  2. Although I can see a tint of outlining edges (I think they are simply coloring inside the edges now), they are not well visible.

Here is a good example of a good toon shading:

I understand it may not look as well as that since Tower Unite isn’t built around toon shading, but I wanted to just illustrate it should look close to something like that.

I’m going to be soon exposing some of the toon shader settings so you can play around with it. The main issue is that toon shading requires special lighting to be setup to make it look absolutely perfect, but I feel like you can reach a good point if I expose it for creators a little more.

Moving this to Suggestions because it’s not a bug, but rather improvement.


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