Tools hotbar category should include other utility items

The tools category in the inventory is very empty now that the tool glove’s out, since it’s the only item in there now. I think it’d be nice if other useful utility items were added to that category as well, so that the glove isn’t the only thing in it.

Here’s a list of items I think would fit in the category, and why:

  • Metal Detector (necessary for the Treasure from Sea event)
  • Fishing Rod (necessary for fishing)
  • Camera (takes pictures/removes the hud)
  • Laser Pointer (can be used to point at stuff (obviously))
  • Barcode Scanner (can be used to see what the name of an item is in someone’s condo)
  • Stealth Box (hides you)
  • Speed Shoes (makes you fast)
  • Adrenaline (also makes you fast)
  • Radar (little minimap that shows everyone around you)
  • Handheld Fan (pushes stuff around)

I think it should be better to delete the Tools category, and move the Tower Glove to the “Other” category.

My suggestion to add to the list:

  • Magic Trampoline (mobility item)

I’ve really wanted stuff like the Metal Detector and Fishing Rod to be moved to the Tools category for a while, glad I’m not the only one lol

I disagree, we shouldn’t just dump items into the Other category. Having less categories is nice, but having them more disorganised defeats the point.


Yeah you’re probably right, but in this case, all the jetpacks should be in the Tools category, since they are considered as mobility items ?

There’s enough jetpacks that are all functionally identical to warrant them having their own category instead of having them clutter up the tools section imo