Too Many Vertices? (Workshop)

I’ve been trying to import my own model into the game, with zero Blender experience other than the tutorial on the Tower Unite Youtube channel, and everything went surprisingly well up until the end. For one, some of my textures aren’t loading properly to the DAE file. They looked perfect in the Blender file, but when I opened up the DAE file some of the textures look all checkerboardy. The checkered spots are only on some of the faces though. The rest of that part of the model has the correct texture. All the ones that aren’t working were formerly PNG files, and have tons of white space, so I’ll try to get rid of that on my own and see how it goes.

My main question is that the Workshop keeps telling me that there are too many vertices in my model, and I don’t know how (or if I even can) reduce them. I tried doing it in Blender with both Limited Dissolve and Decimate, which works, but when I send it back to a DAE and load it up in the workshop again, it still has the same vertices number.

If my model is too high definition or whatever, and I can’t change it, I’d definitely like to know before I waste even more time than I already have on it hahaha.