Too late to get RC sleigh?


bc winter plaza is still here how to get it


Since the christmas events are over you wont be getting it anytime soon


hmm ok sad, didnt know that this event is already over, anychance that the RC sleigh comeback?

i would pay 10 euro for it


Though the sleigh is gone for now, other RC vehicles are slated for the near future.


Really looking forward to that helicopter one


i just have the fear that this RC sleigh vehicle never come back :((


I don’t think there has been a holiday item that hasn’t returned, besides special cases like the giant Christmas tree that wasn’t necessary because of the scalar tool.

I’m pretty sure all Halloween items returned, I would very much expect to see the Sleigh again.


hopefully, so dumb from me not playing at this event it annoys me


And PixelTail would not accept them. NO MICROTRANSACTIONS


i know i know i just sayed “i would”

i understand the devs, but i want to support the devs at the same time, and cmon you would get these items for free when you played at this event, whats so worse when i want to pay it when i missed this event no one getting hurt ?

but i respect that, thats cool that there are no microtransactions :))