Tokin Podcast starting now| GAME NIGHT!

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Please just make a thread for this and stop making new threads for every stream/podcast/whatever. It’s pretty fuckin’ annoying mate


i don’t find it annoying, it just represents the podcast and, lets face it nobody is going to continually check up on a single thread.

oh and sorry i missed it, i was most likely asleep.

people check up on the big development thread, and when there’s a new message it pops back to the top, if people are really interested they’ll bookmark the thread, there are 2 whole forum posts for 1 stream.
keep it to 1 post and update that post.


Thanks Link!

Streaming Soon!

Why can’t I edit the name?

You should be able to, unless you don’t have the Regular title yet. In any case, I can change it for you if you need.

the problem is you can have your regular title took away and you cant get it back.
it probably happened to jinko and happened to me.

I see, well my offer still stands to change the title if needed :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah it happned when i got banned probally

That’s bs, My post got taken down because I didn’t know I could not create multiple forum post for my streams!

Also this is my own thread

Huh! i could be getting trust level 3 any minute!
that’s cool.

jinko you’ve gotten quite a few flags and got suspended for them, that’s probably the reason

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i got flagged i think for saying people were 8, 12, 19 or like 69 years of age because everyone was talking about random fortnite stuff

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Stream starting soon hopefully!