>tmw you're in the casino all day

and all you hear is the sounds of slot machines spinning even when you’re out of the game and you can’t stop hearing it.


Oh my god, I just absently thought about it and you’re right; I can absolutely hear the sounds in my head.
I’ve been broken.

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I keep hearing dosh sounds
and 8-bit noises
help me

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im going to have dreams tonight

and all ill hear is the beeping

dang this is gonna cause some gambling addictions

That’s not a dream, that’s a nightmare.

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I’ve kept hearing the sounds all day after i finally got a jackpot in casino…

I think doing something like listening to music or playing another game within TU or out of TU would work

Don’t think I’ll be going into the casino for a while

All I hear is people screaming they got jackpot.

i dont even know what the casino sounds like. i mute the game and listen to my own music

All I hear in my head is “WHEEL… OF MONEY!”

Been there since release… My everything hurts