TJ's Music Thread

My First Music

Real Nighmare (TJ’s Song Collab Part)

[Tower Unite Virus Song] Virtual Infection l INSTRUMENTAL [Temporary Free Until The Song Is Finished With a Singer]

[Tower Unite Ball Race Song] Rolling The Track [Instrumental] [Also temporary free]

What do you use to create your music?

FL Studio 12

I’m still looking for a good male singer for my virtual infection song. But until then, i have good news. William told me that i am allowed to put fan-made TU songs on sale, as long as the song doesn’t have TU SFXs.

New Song

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Katz made this sexy track.

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Yeah, its a Soundclown. I actually like his music…

Why are you all blaming it on me? I didn’t gave you the viruses

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Are you still blaming it on me for giving you the virus?

If we are going by Windows defaults, your file location should be C:\Users\Max\Music\virus.mp3

To any of my people here, come join my discord chat. Remember, be serious, not a joke thing. If you are gonna do a joke thing, i have a meme-post chat here

Actually, this is the invite link here

I tried…



The instrumentals for 2 of my songs are up for sale on bandcamp [The vocals versions are coming soon]

Why do these cost money