Titles or something >_<

A lot of people here come from the ol’ lobby 1 but nobody will know in TU unless we keep pointing that out in chat or show everyone the lobby 1 plate

i don’t want to keep pointing out that i’m a veteran, it looks like i have achieved nothing at all from all these years in gmt except some condo items that people can only see when they’re in my condo

yes i know there won’t be titles like “experienced player” or “Veteran” but i just feel extremely powerless/misunderstood


Please read the whole thing before being a smartass

(insert smartass reply here)


I’m with you. Not just because I am a lobby 1 player but because we put all those hours in the game and all we get is a plate.


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now you can’t tell the difference between someone who played for a long time and someone who is pretty new (except for some clothes n stuff)


Well, Backers are getting some sorta tag near their name to differentiate them, eventually.
I guess it might be nice to let users from Lobby 1/2 be noticed, aswell.

is this confirmed?


Well it’s still early access. They will probably do something for those who are here since Lobby 1.
I’d love to have something special like this.

Yeah, a backer tag.

Also, I was a Lobby 1 player too :stuck_out_tongue:

people who haven’t backed but still are around since lobby 1 deserve something in my opinion

(i backed tho)

I want an even more extra benefit for being here since the first day of GMTower 2! :angry:

Nah just kidding, something like this would surely be nice. I didn’t back, but I played during Lobby 1, back when Lobby 2 was just a prediction.

I think @macdguy said something about this before, but I dunno :confused:

I would LOVE to see this. Not just because I get a fancy name, but because it would be cool to see how many new players we have that we haven’t seen before.

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What if we could customize our titles and have a small set of exclusive titles for backers/legacy players/donors? That way, new players don’t need to feel left out simply because they weren’t on in GMT. In fact, titles could be unlockable when achievements come out; then you could showcase just how good you are at a gamemode or what silly things you’ve done in the Plaza.

You know what I would love, if the Regular title from the forums carried over into the game. That way even new players can attain this title and it’s more of an even playing field.

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I don’t know if that would be a good idea because the regular rank on the forums requires you to be active on the forums and a lot of tower players just aren’t. I would keep the forum away from the game. Don’t force it on them.

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That’s also very true, and I guess I am a little biased in that area. :new_moon_with_face: