Timeout feature for Plaza and possibly other Gameworlds

A lot of people (US, EU, Asia) often experience a brief disconnection from the Internet due to unreliable ISP. One prominent one being Spectrum (TWC) in US, Talk Talk in UK, and such, where no other ISPs are available.

These often occurring disconnection lasts up to 10 minutes, but usually ones that regular people wouldn’t notice happen for one to 30 seconds.

To combat these issues, most of online games have a timeout feature. In such games, when the server finds a client unresponsive, they give out up to 45 seconds to reconnect. The game client would usually say “Lost connection to the server. Time out in n seconds…”.
I noticed that TU servers kick the player as soon as it can.

This could be an issue to those who play bowling, or mini-golf where their entire progress is omitted in the scoreboard. When you’re playing with friends, most of bowling players usually just leave and start over so they can play together again. This also can frustrate Casino players who spend hours in a machine they invested in, only to be disconnected for a brief moment and have the seat stolen by some stranger.

Unfortunately, in games like Little Crusaders or Virus this means the client would stop moving, making vulnerable to death, but it’s way better than being disconnected right away, having to reconnect and possibly lose any progress they have made. This is how it is dealt with in most of online games.