Throwable Wheel of Money cut audio
Whenever the throwable wheel of money is thrown the audio of the voice line either never plays at all or it cuts out early. This bug has been in the game for a few updates, but after asking around it might have been a bug since even earlier.

Steps to Reproduce

Throw the wheel but stay close to it so you can listen to it, and the sound will not work. I have also tried waiting until the first wheel disappears before throwing another and the bug still occurs.

What I expected to happen

I thought that the voice line would play each time you throw it and the whole sound would play

What happened

The audio either does not play at all or it cuts out, usually sounding like “Wheel of-” or “Wheel of mon-”

Notes / Media

2021 08 06 14 36 58 - YouTube (A short video of the bug. If anything isn’t working with it let me know)