Thread for Suggestions to Make the TU Wiki Better

I manage the TU wiki [ you can see it here ; ) ] , and I’ve been trying a bit to make it look nicer; most recently I’ve added custom background images/colors to the pages for a lot of the different areas of the Plaza, Condos, and each of the Game Worlds, and replaced the font for headers.
I’ve also been working a lot to add more pages to the wiki (back in around August the wiki had around 48 pages, now it has 244) and things such as navboxes to make it easier to find other pages.

I wanna make the wiki a bit nicer still, but I’m not completely sure what I should do next. If anyone has suggestions it would be cool if you could post some here.

Also here’s some things I already know about/want to do:

  • The store pages are extremely outdated (i really don’t want to do those it will take like 500 years)
  • A lot of the game world map pages haven’t been written yet (I still have to do pretty much every Ball Race/Minigolf/ZM map)
  • I wanna make some cooler infoboxes but idk how yet
  • I will fix the cyrillic borderlands logo thing eventually I’m still waiting for Fandom to let me use javascript

HTML table example -
I made a info box using tables and some simple CSS.
You can use it to experiment so you can gain some experience on HTML and CSS.

If you wanna know about the various HTML, CSS and JavaScript attributes you can use this website which pretty much contains all the info you would ever need for basic programming.
HTML Tutorial (
CSS Tutorial (
If you use the information on the website and poke around a bit with the code i provided you should be able to make some awesome things fairly quickly.

If you want something more guided i would recommend
Although just as a fair warning this page can be really slow in getting to the meat of things when it comes to html and css.

There might also be some people on youtube that have made videos on html programming, but i don’t know how good those videos are.

Also when in doubt about an IT thing one should totally never ask the IT guy for help.

Also if you were thinking of asking for help from me i have to say that sadly im really busy until Thursday next week, but after that i should be able to help.


Oh, thanks for the advice! I’m actually taking an IT class in school right now so I’ve been learning the basics of HTML and CSS, but I’ll also be sure to check out the tutorials you linked some time

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There’s also the Mozilla Development Network which is overall a much better web front-end learning resource and reference than w3schools.

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I might see what I can do in terms of contribution and editing sometime soon, this looks right up my alley