Thoughts on Pokemon: GO?

In like 10 minutes from posting this I’m going to be going on an hour exploration at like 10pm to catch some of the nocturnal pokemon. I’m going for the full journey to catch them all.
I’m even going to setup friend meetups so me and real life friends can run away from home and capture our dream pokemon, just like Ash Ketchum right?

Yo, is Pokemon Go on Android? I don’t see it in the Google Play Store.

Sadly it’s not avalabe for every android model.

Pretty great. I caughted a Spearow at Walmart and a pidget in my bathroom!


Dammit! I was like: IT’S OUT?! YES LEMME AT IT!

But then I discovered its not available for my device.


Just bought rollerblades today.

Coincidence? I think so. I think it really was.

In fact, it was so much of a coincidence that I think it’s a message.

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:C bring pokemon to all android.

All the other Pokemon apps are on my Android phone.

Maybe it has a regional restriction? I’m German and I’m running Android 6.0 on a ARMv7 phone

I think its currently released in Australia, Japan, and America. The only major incompatibility I’ve heard of is it doesn’t work on devices with Intel processors, though I dont think many phones have those…

I bet this is never going to release over here in Sweden, we don’t even got Miitomo yet for crying out loud. Nintendo hates Scandinavia, never understood why.

I downloaded Pokemon GO from Aptoide (since it’s not showing up on Google Play for me too) and it worked for me, so I extracted the apk and put it up on Dropbox. Hope this works for you!

Ah cool, it works. Thanks!

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Its a Neat idea, only issue so far was connection trouble, and the fact that the only PokeStop near me that’d show up, was a statue on top of a small mountain.

Y’know, the more I play it, the more bored I get. I don’t even get to battle the pokes before I nab em…

Pokemon: Global Offensive


All my co-workers are nerding out over this thing, we have two pokestops where I work and every time they get a chance they nab more pokeballs.

Also the parking lot is a breeding ground for pokemon or something, I’ve found so many pokemon just walking around the parking lot.

Oh boy time to play some Pokemon GO- oh wait

My neighborhood is a ghost town.

At least you’ll have haunters.

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