This Week in Tower - Episode 1

Hi guys, this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. This Week in Tower is a show I’m going to be working on, showcasing all sorts of activity in Tower Unite. You can be directly involved with the show if you’d like, watch the video to know more.

There is an audio problem around 1 minute in. I’m aware of it. I believe it was caused by the microphone picking up something in the background when I was applying normalization to the track. It won’t happen again.

Timestamps are available in the video description when watching on YouTube.


This was really cool! I cant wait to see future episodes.


This is amazing!

I’m no stranger to community events, and wanting to bring everyone together, and this is fantastic. The quality, the pacing, everything. This has a lot of potential, and having had worked with Gryphon before a few times I’ll be the first to sing his praises and say he’s got a lot of creative talent and determination.
Lets live it up boi’s, this show is going to be fire.
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This is so awesome! This is a great idea. I love knowing what’s comin’ up and speculations are runnin’ around. It’s fun to know what others are thinking and what actually comes out of the speculations such as the Underwater Condo in which I’m SO hyped for. I’m so excited to see what comes of this show, I can’t wait for more episodessss! :heart_eyes_cat:


This sounds so cool so far! I’m excited to see the future episodes!
Keep it up :slight_smile:


this is so awesome. can’t wait for the next episode


really enjoyable watch and definitely something a lot of TU players could be tuning into! keep it up :smiley:

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This looks great! I feel like this series has a lot of promise.

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This show is really good! I really like the pacing of it, tbh. I’ll be sure to watch more as time goes on! Keep up the great work! :wink:

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Nice work man, a couple of condo’s I strongly recommend showcasing (If they are willing)
are Mattio (you could do multiple episodes on the detail in this one), Ashge, Dough, i’m also more than happy to be showcased if you’d have me on.

Asides from that the only thing holding you back is that I feel you have some genuine talent as far as your delivery and editing goes and you might find it’s being wasted on producing niche content. Tower Unite has potential to grow overtime but you’ll always be limited by the audience the game itself reaches.



(why does every nice thing come at night)

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would be cool if you had some kind of a transition between the individual segments
other than that, this is amazing


Eh, I don’t really want to get too extravagant. I wanted to keep everything right to the point, trimming away anything I don’t feel contributes to what I’m trying to present. Fading transitions are a tried and true short transition.

I’ve been thinking of cutting back to the news desk to give a summary after every story though, is that more what you had in mind?

Aw, dude, thank you so much! :blush:

Unfortunately though, I don’t see myself as able to do anything except produce a show about Tower for now… Making a new YouTube channel about anything gaming-related is pointless now thanks to the algorithms which practically bury new people’s content. At least being able to post to the forums gives me that assurance that somebody will likely see what I’ve made and just maybe enjoy it. I’ve made videos with a similar level of effort and put them on other channels, and they’ve never accumulated more than 100 views, maybe 2 likes. It’s completely demotivating.

In short, I have to stick to this niche, because there’s no opportunity anywhere else.

As a filmmaker and animator myself I can understand and relate to the frustration of youtube algorithms burying new channels. You shouldn’t just rely on youtube as a means of promotion your content, you need to utilize reddit, facebook, twitter, etc to try and make people aware of your content.

It’s definitely super demotivating getting no reaction, it’s the worst possible thing for a creator, it’s worse than negative reaction. I’m actually trying to start up a series myself on filmmaking and this was specifically something I was aiming on touching on. So it’s interesting you brought it up.

Here’s a really good quote from Dan Harmon (Creator of Community and Rick and Morty)
"If you’re going to do anything creative for a living, the hardest and most important piece of advice
you need to get is that you have to be doing it because you love to doing it,
and you have to anticipate and become comfortable with the possibility of doing it in vain with no reward for your entire life.
You have to picture a future where you have spent decades doing it in complete darkness and silence. with no one responding to it and ask yourself whether or not when you get hit by a bus at the end of that If you’re going to die thinking ‘I blew it’ or if you’re going to die thinking ‘at least I did what I loved’ "


Well, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve already started working on episode 2.
Threw together a little trailer for more editing practice. Expect the full episode by this coming Monday, the 27th.

(Available in 60fps, as always.)


Here’s a real quick logo I threw together that you can use.

Likewise, it’s completely optional whether you’d like to use it or not.


Wow, thanks, I love it!
I’m gonna keep the watermark as is, but I’d like to put it on a few canvases around the set. I would use this as a title card and such, but I’ve already got reflections and lighting made specifically for the existing one. In the future, I’ll see about including it.


My name Rob, I like to yell, and I support this message baby. :thumbsup:


This looks a lot nicer imo. good work dude.