This Wall Isn't Customizable


(moved to bug report as this is not a crash)
What am I supposed to be looking at?

What are we supposed to be seeing?

Implying that you can’t change that surface of the condo, unlike all the other surfaces in the condo

Seriously… what?
What’s the issue? The surface cant be changed? There’s a gap there? the design of the arch?
if you’re going to report a bug at least explain the issue.


Try using more words and descriptions when reporting bugs.


That surface has been uncustomizable for so long and its really annoing and every update im hoping for it to be fixed and im disapointed

uh sorry

What would be helpful is if someone could document with pictures every piece of the condo walls that can’t be customized. Otherwise we can’t find them all and also do the other updates we did.

I changed the title to show what @exoRift was showing in the photo.


I’ll get on that tomorrow, assuming someone doesn’t beat me to it. There’s only a few left.

Ill do it today

These are all the surfaces that I could find.

^ Only changes the floor on top, the wall stays untouched

^ Same scenario with this wall, only floor changes

^ The floor, walls, and ceiling have no customizable options

^ No customizable options

^ No customizable options

^ No customizable options (it’s the fireplace pipe)

^ No customizable options

^ No customizable options

^ No customizable options

^ Same wall as in the OP

^ Floor is not customizable (maybe intended?)


The last floor isn’t intended. It was customizable in the alpha.