This forum software does not offer underline in the post formatting tools?

I see underline is not a thing in this forum software. Is it actually non-existant, or just disabled or something like that? I think underline would be pretty good to have though.

And also text colors.

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Good point, I’ve never actually noticed that.

Yea, I tried to use it in [this post] to split it up but it didn’t work

Underline, yes.
Text Colors, no.

People who use text colors for anything other than categorization are annoying.

Nah, you can still use underline with this following code:

[u]Your Text Here[/u]

Not sure why the button isn’t on the formatting toolbar, though.

Oh… can you use markdown? I never knew that. Imma test stuff :smiley:

test test test test testingtest testingtest

Oops, wrong name, fixed it :slight_smile:

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So normal BBCode works here. That’s interesting information

Yeah, I never knew that until @Spriteclad pointed that out.