Things to do While Waiting for Players in Game Worlds

Right now, when you’re waiting for players in a Game World, there isn’t really anything to do except look at the map and wait for enough players to join. It would be nice if you could do something else while waiting for players to join.

Here’s a few ideas I had for each of the game worlds:

Ball Race
You can roll around on the map’s bonus stage while waiting for everyone to join.

You can putt in a practice area, like in GMT.

You can drive around on a small oval-shaped track themed after whatever map you’re on with some item boxes on it. There’s a little scoreboard at the top of the screen that shows how many times people have hit other players with items while waiting.

Little Crusaders
All but one player is a knight, and one is the dragon, like in regular LC, but there’s no timer. When the dragon’s button is pressed, someone else will automatically become the dragon instead of starting a new round, and any knights that are killed will respawn after the dragon is killed.

If the dragon kills all knights, everyone will be respawned and another player will be chosen to be the dragon.

You can practice using each of the weapons as a survivor against several AI infected that don’t move, like that one map that was in the closed alpha. You can also choose to get infected and/or become enraged, but you can’t infect survivors and they can’t kill you.

Zombie Massacre
You’ll be spawned in the map’s boss arena (without the boss), and a few zombies will spawn every so often (not a lot though). Everyone has infinite lives and a few random weapons will be placed on the ground when the map loads in. There’s also no timer.

(also you should be able to customize your upgrades for all game worlds in a menu like the one minigolf has while waiting, that would be neat)

I really like this idea!

Especially like the minigolf idea.

Not too big of a fan of the lc, virus and zm ones though as these are basically the actual gamemodes already and ‘lorewise’ don’t make much sense (maybe with lc just the knights pvp’ing eachother until the dragon shows up and starts its reckoning, with virus some kind of target practise before the virus breaks out and zm also target practise before the zombies break out)


At the very least there should be a way to spectate maps in Virus, LC and in the future SDNL.


I love this idea so much. It’s basically what a lot of shooters and Battle Royale games do. Put you in basically a practice mode while you wait.

First off, Tower Unite doesn’t have lore. Second, plenty of shooters put you into a practice mode of sorts, where you’re basically just playing the game but with no score, while you wait for more players. How is this any different?


With a couple tweaks these would be awesome. I loved the practice putts in old minigolf. Virus could be a firing range, LC would do fine with everyone just strutting around as knights, ball race could be a bonus stage or something. Definitely would like something to do during waiting.

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It actually does have some lore. The dragons name is Cornelius. There’s a fun fact. I do think it would be kind of annoying to have it so you basically play the game with no score while waiting, I feel like people will just start games and never ready up so they can play this endless version and it will ruin the fun for people who want to play the real game.

That’s not lore, that’s just have a character name. I did already know this, btw.

Also, most other games combat this by not having a ready up system and, instead, once the minimum number of players is reached, a countdown is started. No reason Tower Unite couldn’t do the same.

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When the dragon character shows up in the plaza, his dialogue has some lore to it.

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Hmm. Interesting. Don’t often read the dialogue. That’s pretty neat.