There Should Be More Stuff at the Plaza Backer Bricks Area

The other day I noticed the area in the Plaza with the backer bricks is pretty boring compared to all of the other areas. There’s a lot of empty space, and I often find myself forgetting the backer bricks are even there since there’s nothing around them in a 30 foot radius and they aren’t lit up at night:

I thought this area could look a lot nicer if something was added here, like a path with some lights and seating around it or something similar. Here’s a really cool, well-made mockup of what I’m imagining:

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I think more planters or maybe hedges? around the perimeter with a couple entrances and a few benches or something like that would be really nice. Just anything to make it a bit of an actually significant area


You know its a good suggestion if it is the 42069th post.

No really, this is a good idea. Please add this PixelTail.


An alternate idea could be moving the Backer Bricks to the fountain area. Having the Backer Bricks circling around the fountain could make them more noticeable and be used as an accent.


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