Theory: Tower Unite takes place in an alternate version of the Star Wars universe

Tower Unite takes place in a parallel universe within the Star Wars multiverse. In this universe, the technology and culture of the Star Wars universe have evolved differently, resulting in a world where galactic conflicts are not the norm. Instead, people from different species and factions come together to relax and enjoy leisure activities on various planets.

The Tower Unite world could be a tourist destination that attracts beings from all over the galaxy, who come to socialize, play games, and participate in various activities. Some of the attractions and games could be inspired by Star Wars, such as podracing or lightsaber battles, and may be adapted to fit the theme of the Tower Unite universe.

The various buildings and structures in Tower Unite could be repurposed or rebuilt versions of existing Star Wars buildings and structures, adapted to suit the leisure and entertainment needs of the Tower Unite universe. For example, the Tower Unite Casino could be a repurposed version of the Mos Eisley Cantina, while the Tower Unite Condo complex could be an adapted version of Coruscant’s high-rise apartment buildings.

In this theory, Tower Unite could be considered a parallel universe within the Star Wars multiverse, where the focus is on leisure and entertainment rather than conflict and war. It could be a unique and exciting addition to the Star Wars universe, offering fans a new perspective on the possibilities of this vast and diverse universe.


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Originally the concept of Tower, when it was GMTower, was that it was a building full of games to celebrate on each floor. Then the lore changed to being a place where free Combine and Citizens from HL2 could hide away from the apocalypse, which didn’t make much sense, but there was meant to be a tour of sorts while you travel to it.

To me, Tower Unite is a place that exists in its own universe and the transit station connects to every universe, much like the Elevator from Elevator: Source. Unlike the living Elevator, the transit station is friendly. Tower, is a place where everyone can enjoy and have a vacation with friends.


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I joke about Tower Unite having deep, intricate lore, but I didn’t expect an actual lore tidbit to be dropped. Well, even if it’s kind of unofficial considering it’s just a “to me” statement, but still, it’s fun to see a dev’s perspective of what’s actually going on in the TU “canon”.