Themed Ranked servers?

I was wondering, can we make ranked servers but then with a custom map and different models, it doesn’t have gameplay changing mechanics but models, textures and maps are different?

because i had the idea to make a medieval themed ranked server but i guess with all the different models it will be unranked.


This would be really cool if it were purely aesthetic.

I feel like this could work out really well. On a side note, I wonder if texture/resource packs will be possible to make (IE: Different, custom sounds in a game, different textures, they’d all be clientside)

Yeah, I don’t think Ranked should have to equal boring. Not to say the original map is boring, but customization is key.

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That’s actually a really cool idea. Like, you could have a cartoony texture pack, or a dark medieval texture pack. I wouldn’t actually mind paying for texture packs if they were really well-made.

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i am mostly looking at custom maps, i am actually working on recreating some zelda stuff in UE4 to practise.
(no copyright infringements because the same rules apply here as in Gmod Tower:
its a server in a game so the game isn’t responsible for it, right?)

The rule is: Any user-created content (as far as I know) is fine as long as it’s not packaged with the actual copy of the game, or content that you pay for later on.

Feel free to correct me.

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I’d like to know if custom maps will be possible too, I think I made a similar post a while back, but me and a few friends had some cool ideas for our TU Server (When workshop is a thing)

yeah i think so, i think remaking the map from one of the games from scratch by an user of the game is allowed then