Theater Condo and Condo Scaling Tools (

##New Condo: Theater!

Price: 40,000 Units

Now you can own your very own theater. This Condo comes with 4 theater screens (with vote-skip support) and customizable features such as the concession stand screens and lights.

It’s a completely indoor Condo for all your media viewing needs.

##New Condo Portable Tools: Scaler and Stasher!
We’ve added the Quick Scaler tool, which allows you to scale any item in your Condo up to 10x or 0.1x its original size. This is a must have tool for all Condo builders.

Including that, a new Stasher tool has been added. You can just click and stash any item that you’ve spawned in your Condo for quick clean ups.

We’ve also decided to make all Condo Portable Tools completely free (including the Copycat)! When you start up the game, you’ll be given these Condo Tools for no Unit cost. Any purchased Copycat tools will be refunded to you in full automatically.

Oh, yeah, and the Copycat tool now has grid snap support.

##Additional Hotbar Added
Due to the increasing number of items you can equip and the new Condo Portable Tools, we’ve added another Inventory Hotbar for you to use.

Now you can equip double the amount of items! Our research has concluded that it is possible to equip 16 pets, but we can’t be held accountable for the damages of said pets.

##Underwater Condo Fixes and Improvements
The Underwater Condo has had several fixes and improvements in this update. All the elevators are now fully operational (sorry that it broke) and we’ve sped up transportation between satellite Condos with new water transport tubes. The full list of changes is below in the change log.

##Various Fixes Through-out
Including all of this, we’ve fixed some long-standing bugs in various places such as Ball Race. Ball Race wearables now will clear out properly, and also now has a kill feed and improved ball colors.

Poker had a major bug where you couldn’t text chat while playing, this has now been resolved. We will be updating Poker soon to add endless Poker (multiple hands without being kicked off the table) soon.

We also changed how the end of Game Worlds are a bit so they don’t end within 20 seconds anymore. You can also now text chat (thanks to a bug fix), allowing players to organize their next match.

##Zombie Massacre Development
While we’ve got your attention, we just want to also let you know that we’ve been progressing very well with Zombie Massacre as of late. We’re very excited to get this new Game World out for you to enjoy soon. We’ve still got lots to develop such as adding new characters, an in-game upgrade system, and more.

Major Changes

  • Added new Condo: Theater! Grab it at the Condo Realtor store for 40,000 units
  • Underwater Condo had various fixes and improvements
  • All Condo portable weapon tools are now free and are awarded to you on start up. You will get an automatic refund for any purchased Copycat tools
  • Added an additional hotbar to the inventory. Now you can equip twice as many things! The original hot bar will allow for weapons slots and the second hot bar can be used for cosmetics
  • Added Quick Scaler tool. Quickly uniform scale items in your Condo. You can resize items 0.1x to 10x their normal scale!
  • Optimized lots more things and reduced load times (should reduce the black screen issue for most users)


  • Added new furniture items: Gamer Chair and Classic Computer Desk
  • Added Stasher tool. Quickly stash Condo items back into your inventory without the need of context menus
  • Added grid snap support to Copycat tool
  • Increased the return to Plaza timer from 20 seconds to 2 minutes so players can talk with each other more at the end of a Game World. Added a “return now” button to bypass this wait
  • You can now adjust the grid snapping to 1 (before it clamped at 2)
  • Optimized lots of Plaza textures
  • Ball Race: Added a notification for when a player has ran out of lives
  • Ball Race: Added kill feed for when players die
  • Inventory manager tab now sorts all items and tags alphabetically
  • Underwater Condo: Replaced the old ocean material with the new ocean material
  • Underwater Condo: Increased the speed of the elevators by 25%
  • Underwater Condo: Increased the speed of the airlocks
  • Underwater Condo: Sunlight now reaches the ocean floor
  • Underwater Condo: Lights on surface platforms are now editable
  • Underwater Condo: Better visuals for when swimming underwater
  • Underwater Condo: Added water transport tubes to quickly get around the map

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed being unable to open chat during the end of a Game World
  • Fixed projector media player crash
  • Fixed HTTPRequest fatal error on load up
  • Minigolf: Fixed the host not getting the player has pocketed notification
  • Ball Race: Fixed wearables sometimes not being removed when you die or complete the level
  • Poker: Fixed a bug that prevented players from being able to text chat while in Poker
  • Fixed a bug where if you have chat open when the Casino anti-macro dialogue pops up, you’ll be unable to enter the correct key
  • Fixed a graphical bug where Canvas Statues with follow camera mode would no longer have proper transparency support
  • Fixed media player (and theater projector) dynamic lights not actually working despite the setting being on
  • Trivia: Fixed if you select two answers at the same times, it’ll display the wrongly selected one
  • Fixed missing collision on Piggy Bank item
  • Fixed Hot Tub items missing water volume (now physics objects float within them)
  • Underwater Condo: Satellite condo elevators will now properly sync for all players in the server
  • Underwater Condo: Main condo elevator will now sync properly for all players in the server
  • Underwater Condo: Airlocks will now properly sync for all players in the server
  • Underwater Condo: Fix an issue where the effects and lighting do not properly transition while going between above-water and under-water
  • Underwater Condo: Fixed several gaps in the walls of the satellite condos


You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can follow our weekly developer logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.


that’s pretty neat.



So, what do you guys think of my new tree? (vault door and a golden catsack for scale)



Using the scaling tool with the copy tool brings so many new possibilities to condos, absolutely love it! :smiley:

You can tell that it’s an Aspen because of the way it is.


Another To Be Announced…

I’d like to thank god and also jesus for this update


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also, spotted myself. Nice.

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