The worst game possible!

For this topic, name the game that you have played that was really really bad that you said, “I don’t even want to see this game again, I don’t want to hear about this game again, and I want to stay away from this game as far as possible.” You don’t have to go in detail on why you hated it like I am, but do give a reason why you hated it. Also if you want, you can list more than one game that you hated, or you can do a top 5 or whatever if you prefer.

For me, I don’t think it’s the worst game of all times, but it’s one of the worst games I’ve played. For me it would be Call of Duty Ghost. This was three years ago before I got a gaming PC. I got a PS4 and I needed some games to play. My mom rented this game and along with two other games.

Holy shit I didn’t think the game would be that bad. The single player was just completely replicated from the other CODs. It was just the same shit. What kicks me in the head is the fact these guys are meant to be stealthy as the game has said they’re meant to be “ghosts”, but for the most of the levels you are just going in loud and guns blazin. The ending was trash because it ends with a really stupid cliff hanger. I’ll post it underneath if you want to know the ending. Multiplayer is not really worth my time talking about because it’s not fun. Finally that infected mode that game had was, meh. It wasn’t really the worst part of the game, but it was not really interesting enough for me. I’m just super glad I didn’t ended up buying the game.

Here’s the ending btw. I’ll warn you, the ending is really bad.

i would have to say battlefield 4, i never played the multiplayer but the story was fucking atrocious.

hahaahhaa I thought both of those were great! What’s wrong witchu?

i said the campaign to battlefield 4

Tower unite


I liked the campaign, I thought the ending was quite…heartbreaking honestly. My opinion though. As COD: Ghosts was the only one I played through, I thought it was really good.

shit i meant battlefield 4

yeah the battlefield 1 campaign was grand
my favorite mission was friends in high places because its the only one where you arent a british person protecting the motherland

no no! I meant battlefield 4 as well! XD

oh ok