The Ultimate Condo (With a Curved Theater!)

Here is my condo, took a bit of time to complete, and it has a lot of stuff! Here is the outside, complete with lights, a bar, and a basketball court!:

Here is the outside at night:

Here is the living room, not much.

Upstairs is one of the theaters, and master bedroom (complete with it’s own bathroom):

And finally, my biggest project: The Curved Theater!:

There you go guys, hope you all like it, took me some time (and money) to build.


Love your building :smiley:


I feel like it’s a bit too much ?

Did you try adding supplementary angles to the screen?

Like, you put down wooden panels and angle them, then apply the canvases on them :



I only did 1 scroll supplementary angles.

I might try curving it a bit more sometime.

Just went and curved it a bit more, how does this look?

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You see those warriors from Hammerfell? They’ve got curved theaters… CURVED THEATERS!!!~!!~!!@!@!1@!1@!@!!1@!@!!!@!@!@!!!11!!!@!@11!!!@!!1!!!11!!!1

I’m sorry… this is the first thing i thought of when i read your title… I’ll excuse myself now…


It looks really good! :smiley:
Now you’ll want to remove those nasty seams between the canvases.
I suggest try using the grip snap on level 2? (by pressing E)

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